Who’s Ready for a 2017 Off-Road Adventure?

Whether you’re celebrating a high school or college graduation or simply want an excuse to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors, there’s never been a better time to plan your summer vacation!

If you’re like us, you love the great outdoors and are always looking for an opportunity to take your next adventure off-road. Our custom Jeep Wranglers offer the perfect capability for off-roading or simply heading to the great outdoors.

Top 10 Daytrip Destinations in Georgia for Jeep Owners

If you’re looking for a quick escape, check out these top daytrip ideas in Georgia:

Jeep Trails

These are the top off-roading spots for 4×4 vehicles in Georgia. Let the exploring begin!

  1. Tatum Lead Trail – This invigorating trail resides in Chatsworth, Georgia and offers over 4.4 miles of off-roading adventure with winding curves and stunning outdoor views.
  2. Beasley Knob Trails – Beasley Knob Trails in Blairsville, Georgia span over the course of 11 miles, but these trails are recommended for more expert off-roaders with prior experience.
  3. Sheep Wallow – Travel out to Lumpkin County, and you’ll find Sheep Wallow along the Etowah River. This trail offers steep slopes, so it’s best left for more experienced off-roaders.
  4. Oakey Mountain OHV Trail – You’ll have to venture out toward Rabun and Lake Burton to reach this 6.2-mile trail. This trail offers steep sections with a 35% grade and exhilarating blind curves, but it should be noted it’s only open to vehicles with an axle width of less than 48 inches.
  5. Tray Mountain – Tray Mountain sits north of Helen, Georgia, and while it’s a good trail for beginners, the trail offers several rocky patches and off-camber spots for plenty of excitement!
  6. Rocky Flats OHV Trail – This trail is also located in Chatsworth, Georgia, and it spans 5 miles. Rocky Flats has been described as the perfect combination for a safe but challenging off-road trail!

Georgia’s Outdoor Wonders

If you prefer to head off-road on foot, pack your hiking gear, and check out these awesome Georgia destinations.

  1. Providence Canyon – This canyon in Stewart County offers sweeping views of the nearby landscape as well as several hiking trails, but did you know Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon” is man-made? This gorgeous gulch was created by poor farming techniques in the 19th century?
  2. Tallulah Gorge State Park – Tallulah Gorge stretches over 5 miles with rivers, waterfalls, and over 20 miles of trails. There’s even a suspension bridge for walking over the gorge!
  3. Cloudland Canyon – This state park sits on Lookout Mountain near Trenton and Cooper Heights. Cloudland features 1,000-foot deep canyons, creeks, waterfalls, and hiking and mountain biking trails.
  4. Red Top Mountain – Sitting on Lake Allatoona, this state park offers plenty of opportunity for swimming and fishing while also boasting over 15 miles of hiking trails. Once you’re done hiking, be sure to cool down with a nice swim!

Live Your Adventure Every Day with a Custom Jeep Wrangler

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