Trek the Roads Less Traveled

In the Metro Atlanta area, you can always find something to do during the spring and summer months. However, sometimes you may need to step away from the hustle and bustle into the peaceful serenity of nature. On the other hand, you may want to get down and dirty with nature by Jeep off-roading.

Fortunately, you will not have to travel too far to find an expansive list of adventures. Continue reading to learn more about a few of the top off-road trails for Jeeps in Georgia and throughout the Southeast according to Palmer Custom Jeeps.

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Tackle Tray Mountain Georgia

Tray Mountain Road is one of the best Jeep off-road trails for beginners. Tray Mountain has an elevation of 4,430 ft, which makes it the seventh highest peak in Georgia. The boundary line between Towns and White counties bisects the mountain.

Tray Mountain offers a variety of scenic adventures, such as rocky patches, a mini waterfall, and a few off-camber spots. When you reach the peak of the trail in Towns County, you can enjoy an excellent spot for a true camping experience. Tray Mountain Georgia is one of the ideal spots for anyone who wants a relatively easy drive and a cool spot to wet your feet.

Beasley Knob Trails in Georgia

The Beasley Knob Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Trail System is one of the more challenging off-road ventures. It’s located in Union County, Georgia off U.S. Highway 76. The Beasley Knob Trail System can be accessed by two trailheads and is conveniently located approximately two miles east of Blairsville. This colorful trail offers around 11 miles of thrilling recreational driving.

It’s made up of interconnecting gravel roads, dirt trails, and winding rock hill climbs through the Chattahoochee National Forest. The Beasley Knob Trails are not suggested for novice off-roaders because of the steep ascents and challenging terrain.

Tatum Lead Trail

Embark on the exciting 4.4 mile trail known as Tatum Lead Trail in Chatsworth, Georgia. In addition to being a popular Jeep off-roading site, this trail invites ATVs, ORVs, hikers, and mountain bikes. Tatum Lead Trail is open all year long and is actually free to ride on.

With several sharp curves, this route is challenging and offers exhilarating curves at every turn. The multi-purpose road travels through old woods and ventures with beautiful views of pine trees, yellow poplars, and oak hollows. In certain parts of the trail, you will experience openings in the forest canopy that unveil spectacular mountain views.

Oakey Mountain OHV Trail

Ride on the exciting Oakey Mountain 9.2-mile trail around Lake Burton and Rabun. The trail is excellent for Jeeps with an axle width less than 50 inches. Your party also has convenient camping options near the trail, so you can get the most from your outdoor adventure. Spend the night, and gaze at the beautiful scenery under the stars. Wake up the next day refreshed and ready to tackle the open paths.

The Oakey Mountain Trail has challenging curves and steep inclines for more advanced drivers, but it also has straight ahead paths for novice off roaders. The terrain has many rocky roads, so make sure your shocks are fresh for this journey.

Sheep Wallow

Explore one of the most adventurous off-road trails in Lumpkin County. Sheep Wallow encompasses rutted trails and shallow creeks. Power through steep slopes in your favorite Jeep, or try conquering the terrain in an ATV or on foot. Stop by for a break at the Etowah River to see a diverse stream of water life. The basin hosts over ninety native fish species.

Pave your own outdoor journey on this sleek and challenging terrain. We advise readers that this path is for more advanced riders so tread lightly. On the way, you will find secret wonders you won’t see anywhere else.

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