No Boys Allowed: Jeep Accessories for Women

Palmer Custom Jeeps by SOR understands the needs of the modern woman—no longer do you need to be associated with the minivan or sporty coupe. With Jeep accessories from Palmer Custom Jeeps by SOR women can be just as rugged and outfitted as the boys.

Palmer Custom Jeeps by SOR offers custom Wranglers so every type of woman can create the Jeep of her dreams. Choose from a variety of colors or pick your own, add custom features, or upgrade from standard. Our Jeep dealership offers it all!

Running Boards

Running boards are available for Jeeps of every year and model. Enjoy a non-slip surface as you climb in and out of your lifted Wrangler or choose wheel-to-wheel length boards. Running boards not only enable people to easily get into their Jeeps, they protect side panels from flying road debris. Boost yourself and your vehicle’s appearance with running boards from Palmer Custom Jeeps by SOR .

Rearview Systems

Enjoy seamless parking and reversing with rear vision cameras and dashboard displays. Wranglers currently do not offer this amazing feature, but our customization pros know anything is possible! Enjoy added safety, precision reversing, and easier parallel parking with a newly-installed rearview system and dash screen.

Custom Paint

We’ve all seen poor quality paint jobs pass us by on the roadways—they stick out like a sore thumb. Convey your personal style through the power of paint with our custom options. Palmer Custom Jeeps by SOR offers professional, skilled paint jobs in nearly any color you’d like and in any finish. Choose from solid, two-toned, or even patterned paint. Whether you want to shine bright in glossy green or go for a war-time matte, Palmer Custom Jeeps by SOR has the ability!

Rims and Wheels

Custom rims and wheels from Palmer Custom Jeeps by SOR allow you to accent the body of your Wrangler with the appropriate ride for your driving environment. After choosing your wheels, our customization experts ensure your Jeep is balanced and never exceeds the maximum weight. Whether you enjoy a smooth ride or prefer something that can handle rough terrain, we can help.
Proud of your Jeep’s color? Rims and wheels are available in matching, or alternative, colors like camouflage, pink, or even two-toned options. Make your Jeep your own with our variety of possibilities.

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