See the Trail Ahead in New Light with Palmer Custom Jeeps

Give your Jeep Wrangler an instant facelift with new headlights. Whether you are looking to illuminate the darkest trail or improve visibility during your daily commute, the professionals at Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS in Roswell will ensure you can see where you are going. We offer solutions from the top names in Jeep headlights, which means you will get the smooth style and high-quality lighting you desire.

Jeep Wrangler Fog Lights

Fog lights are commonly mounted below or at bumper level around the same areas as your headlights. These lights are designed to light up the road in front of the vehicle for short distances. Fog lights are excellent at piercing dust, airborne particles, and fog that is located near the front of your vehicle. With a beam pattern that shines short and wide, fog lights will keep the light directed below your eye level. This design help to prevent the light from bouncing off of fog and back into your face.

Jeep Wrangler Driving Lights

Jeep Wrangler driving lights are designed to illuminate the road at distances. They work similar to the high beam lights, but driving lights are dispersed and aimed forward. Driving lights are designed to illuminate trails and roads far ahead, so you can see objects and different terrains before you actually reach them. Most driving lights are mounted either higher or at the same height as your headlight and should be used with your high beam lights for optimum efficacy.

Fog Light and Driving Light Bulbs

In addition to Jeep Wrangler fog lights and driving lights, there are different types of bulbs within each lighting product. A few of the most commonly requested lights offered at Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS include:

  • Halogen bulbs are undoubtedly the most common lighting option. These bulbs may contain Halogen, Krypton, or Xenon gas and are one of the most inexpensive choice.
  • Similar to the flourescent lights in your home, High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs are typically  filled with Xenon gas and a Tungsten filament. HID bulbs come in a wide array of combinations and forms, but their defining factor is a high level of energy efficiency and brightness. Due to the manufacturing, materials, and technology infused in HID bulbs, they can be more expensive than halogen bulbs.
  • Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are a relatively new Jeep lighting option. These lights are a solid state light, which doesn’t rely on electroluminescent or incandescent properties. In other words, they have a significantly lower energy requirement and a much longer life. Best of all, LED bulbs can be activated with the flip of a switch and can come in practically any size. The downside of LED lights is they are the most expensive option.

Contact Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS for Custom Lighting Solutions

At Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS, we understand there are no one-size-fit-all lighting solutions. The most effective Jeep lighting should be based on your needs and driving habits. The professionals at Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS will help you select the best lighting option for your buck.

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