Jeep Off-Road Recovery Gear

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Protect Your Adventures with Jeep Off-Road Recovery Gear

Recovering a stuck vehicle can be an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t have the right Jeep off-road recovery gear. Just as you need a fishing pole to go fishing, you need off-road recovery gear to help you get out of the stickiest situation.

At Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS, we are your one-stop-shop for everything you need to whip the toughest trails into shape. While many of our Jeeps come with off-road recovery gear included, you can always upgrade your Jeep and fully accessorize your chariot.

Continue reading for five of the top Jeep off-road recovery gear accessories and recovery gear.

Don’t Get Stuck Without an Electric Winch KitElectric Winch Jeep Off-road Recovery Gear and Accessories

If your Jeep didn’t come with an electric winch attached to the front, this is an investment that will keep delivering returns. Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS offers several kits that include winch-specific parts, such as:

  • Snatch block that doubles the line-pull capacity of the winch
  • Tree-saver strap

You may also find an infinite amount of use in shackle brackets, which allow you to use the receiver hitch as a recovery point for the tow strap. Contrary to popular belief, the shiny chrome receiver ball is not a good recovery point.

Get Down & Dirty with a Tire Deflator Kit

If you’re venturing through deep rock or sand, it may behoove you to increase your traction by airing your tires down. This is because large off-road tires may need to transition from above 30 PSI (street pressure) to below 15 PSI (rock-crawling pressure). In either case, the process can take a very long time.
However, with a tire deflator kit, you can quickly transition from street driving to off-road rock-crushing crawling. A tire deflator kit allows you to make this transition with precision.

Get Back Up with an Air Compressor

After you’re done getting down and dirty in the rocks, you will need to inflate your tires.
Unfortunately, if you off-road how we off-road, there will be no convenience store in sight. This is the main reason experienced four-wheeling mud slingers always travel with their own air compressor. Most compressors will come with a convenient traveling case a long air hose, and everything else you will need to get your tires back street-ready.

Order Traction Ramps from Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS in Roswell & AlpharettaStay Moving with Traction Ramps

If you’ve ever been stuck in the mud or snow, you may have quickly discovered the old rumor of sliding a floor mat under the tire doesn’t work very well. As a result, we suggest you keep a set of traction ramps in your Jeep.

You will surely find these ramps invaluable, especially if you’re venturing into unchartered territories alone (Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORs doesn’t recommend). Even so, if you find yourself in this scenario, your traction ramps may help you get unstuck without having to
call in reinforcements.

Simply grab the ramps and wedge them under the stuck tires. This will deliver a jolt of traction to your snowy, muddy, or sandy condition. There’s a major reason you notice traction ramps mounted on the roofs of heavy-duty vehicles – they work.

Medical Kits for Life’s Unexpected Happenings

Your off-road ventures wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t explore away from civilization into the wild. However, if you have an unexpected medical emergency and you’re out in the sticks, you will want to have a few essentials on board.
A basic first-aid kit should be enough to stop the bleeding. You can also pack your own medical kit as well as a survival bag. If you decide to make your own, bring:

  • Matches
  • Waterproof Tarps
  • Blanket
  • Spare set of clothes
  • Flashlight

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Whether you’re an avid off-roader or beginner, it’s imperative you have the right gear for the job, including a fully capable and customized Jeep from Palmer Custom Jeeps by SORS. We offer an entire lineup of new Jeeps, custom Jeeps, and custom Jeep packages. We also have a variety of Jeep off-road recovery gear and accessories for all levels of enthusiasts.

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