What is the Jeep Badge of Honor?

The Jeep Badge of Honor is a smartphone app that lets you check in to 44 different Jeep-rated trails! The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, and it’s specifically designed to work in rural areas with poor cell phone reception!

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You can even earn Hard Badges for trails. To do so, you must own a Jeep vehicle, sign up for the Badge of Honor program, check in to trails at their  various locations, and complete the mailing address form. Once you’ve done so, Jeep will send you a trail-specific Hard Badge for your Jeep vehicle!

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Stony Lonesome OHV Park – Jeep Trail #404 in Bremen, Alabama

This Stony Lonesome Off-Highway Vehicle Park is the first of its kind in Alabama. The park is open all year long, and it features over 1,400 acres of different trails for ATVs, 4×4 Jeeps, mountain bikers, hikers, and more!

Admission is $10 per vehicle, and the trail is considered moderately difficult.

Gut Buster – Jeep Trail #508 in Bremen, Alabama

The Gut Buster Jeep Trail is also located within Stony Lonesome OHV Park, so admission is also $10 per vehicle. However, this trail is considered significantly more difficult, and trail must-haves include 35” tires and front & rear lockers.

Panther Rock Jeep Trail #51 in Oliver Springs, Tennessee

Panther Rock Jeep Trail #51 runs for approximately 2.1 miles, and this trail is perfect for Jeep off-road enthusiasts who enjoy rock formations and cliffs! This route offers creek crossings, and two foot paths run from the trail to Panther Rock for a stunning view of all of Windrock Park!

Panther Rock Trail is a fun time for all Jeep off-road enthusiasts, and it’s ideal for those who are new to off-roading as well!

Windrock Park – Jeep Trail #16 in Oliver Springs, Tennessee

Windrock Park Jeep Trail #16 is considered “Very Challenging”! Expect off cambers and tough hill climbs even as you’re surrounded with beautiful mountain scenery!

Trail must-haves include 33” tires and 1 locker.

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Learn all about the Jeep Badge of Honor Program with FAQs from Jeep.

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