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Jeep Aluminum Alloy Wheels vs Jeep Steel Wheels

Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty, rock-crushing solution to tackle the toughest trails or some shiny bling for your Jeep, it’s imperative you choose custom Jeep wheels best suited for your needs. In general, there are two main groups of wheels: steel wheels vs aluminum alloy wheels. Choosing one over the other should be based on your driving habits and needs. Continue reading to learn the difference between aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels.

Why Choose Steel Wheels for Your Jeep?

Steel wheels are definitely more popular, because they’re cheaper and easy to paint. At the same time, steel wheels are more rugged, tougher, and designed to handle the bumps, bruises, and impacts that are a norm for offroading. Even so, steel isn’t lightweight, which makes it an impractical solution for speed-turning applications and racing.

Benefits of Jeep Wrangler Steel Wheels

  1. Steel Jeep wheels are less porous than aluminum alloy wheels. This promotes better longevity and resistance against sand, dirt, and brake depletion.
  2. Steel wheels are more symmetrical, uniform, and have a reduced likelihood of wobbling.
  3. Steel wheels are more malleable and durable than aluminum alloy wheels. This means if your wheels are bent by a stubborn rock, you may be able to have them shaped back into place. It also reduces the likelihood of breakage or chipping while tackling tough terrains.

Why Choose Aluminum Alloy Wheels for Your Wrangler?

Many Jeepers around the Atlanta area love aluminum alloy wheels because of their lightweight nature. Jeep alloy wheels will help your vehicle stop faster, accelerate quicker, and result in improved handling for a smoother ride. There are three different types of alloy wheels: cast alloy wheels, forged alloy wheels, and modular alloy wheels.

Cast Aluminum Alloy Wheels

As the most common type of aluminum alloy wheel, cast alloys are available in a wide array of designs. These wheels are easy to clean, rust-resistant, and porous, which may reduce the overall weight of your Jeep Wrangler. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind custom Jeep, consider cast alloy wheels.

Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Forged alloy wheels are lighter and stronger than cast alloy wheels. These wheels are also more expensive due to a highly complex construction process. Forged alloys are created from a billet material, which is pressed or rolled into shape by an enormous amount of pressure. This double forging process creates a much tighter grain structure. Most drivers concerned with both off-roading and street performance choose forged alloy wheels.

Modular Aluminum Alloy Wheels

In addition to forged and cast alloy wheels, there are also modular alloy wheels. These custom Jeep Wranglers wheels consist of a cast center section with a spun aluminum rim. Modular wheels are not traditionally made for rigorous off-road recovery; so if you plan on making new trails, you may want to avoid these wheels.

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